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Lifting the Community

In Yehu, the marginalized rural poor are assured of a vehicle for reducing poverty and structural inequality and an enduring partner who will always seek to come up with innovative financial products that meet their unique needs.

Business Skills Training

Microfinance institutions are often a principal source of training for their members and play an essential role in building its management capacity.

Microfinance clients perform a wide variety of business activities. Yehu has been training its clients in basic business skills and the need to undertake their business activities while recognizing the sensitivity of the environment in the wake of climate change.

Good Governance

In order for any Company to gain strength where good corporate governance is concerned and to ensure utmost efficiency of and benefit to the Company, the Board of Directors is responsible for proactive roles and duties, as well as the determination of direction and supervision.

Today, Yehu has over 50,000+ clients. The success story of the microfinance organization has been driven by a strong social mission of establishing a better world for all, but especially women.

Money Matters

Financial Literacy

To be financially literate is to know how to manage your money. Yehu Microfinance periodically arranges for workshops and teaches the community how to borrow and save money responsibly as well as how and why to invest and plan for retirement.

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