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Business Loan

Working capital for starting or expanding business as well as purchase of business assets.

Elimu Loan

We give loans to finance your education expenses. Both for educating your children and yourself

Top up Loan

This loan is given on top of what you are already servicing.

Emergency Loan

We offer financial loans to cover business emergencies

Water Loan

For purchase of above or underground static water storage tanks from 1,000 liters, water harvesting pans, piping & accessories within 100 meters (semi-urban) or 1km (rural), plumbing works and/or septic tanks, concrete water storage tanks etc.

Sikukuu Loan

Meeting clients economic, social & religious needs (Ramadhan, Idd, Easter & Christmas season)

Mabati Loan

For purchase of iron sheets, gutters, roofing nails, timber & labor charges for roofing of houses for improved living conditions of clients.

Chap Chap Loan

Mobile loan product to meet the immediate needs of our clients in a faster, convenient and flexible manner.

Poultry Broiler Loan

For working capital to purchase chicks, feeding equipment etc.

Goat Meat Loan

For working capital to buy stock (live goats) for sell in the market by traders & small holder farmers.

Dairy Farming Loan

To carter for farmer’s dairy farming needs for sustainable farming that include purchase of good breed cow, cow shed/pen construction, seeds for pasture, working capital etc.

Horticulture (short term high value crops)

To carter for farmer’s horticulture crop farming needs such as French beans, tomatoes etc. that include purchase of water & spray pumps, water storage tanks/reservoirs, farm equipment, labor etc.

Poultry Kienyeji Loan

For working capital to purchase chicks, feeding equipment, brooder equipment etc.

Gas Cooker Loan

To upgrade clients to cleaner source of cooking energy which is affordable and convenient.

Asset Loan

For acquisition of movable and capital assets for investing in income generating projects eg deep freezers/fridges, posho-mills, tuk-tuks, motor vehicles etc.

Horticulture Mango/oranges (Fruit value chain) Loan

To carter for farmer’s horticulture fruit farming needs such as purchase of motorized spray pumps, inputs, installation of irrigation kits etc.

Agriculture Cereals Loan

To carter for farmer’s cereals farming needs such as purchase of inputs, certified seeds, labor, ploughing, storage costs etc.

Maisha Bora Loan

For electricity connection to lighten client’s houses and businesses for improved education standards of children and increased business opportunities as well as acquisition of mobile phone to facilitate communication and access to mobile services.

Green Energy Loan

For supply of solar equipment, efficient energy jikos and water filter to clients for lighting of houses, business premises, phone charging, clean water and use of health, efficient & eco- friendly cooking jikos.

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