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Meet Our Management Team

Good governance is promoted across all areas of our business.

Chief Executive Officer

Adet N. Kachi

He has been instrumental in its tremendous growth and positioning in the Microfinance space both in Kenya and Africa. He is well endowed with strategic managerial skills besides being a Microfinance expert. Adet, is also a part time lecturer in a local University. As an MBA he is also pursuing a Doctorate degree in Business Administration.
Chief Operations Officer

Bernice Githinji

As the driver of the core business of the organization, The COO’s endowment with passion for customer satisfaction and particularly the rural focus has enabled her play a pivotal role that links everyone glued on desired service delivery. Her extensive microfinance experience that spans over 10 years and is supported by professional and academic qualifications in Information Technology and Business Management, Diploma and Bachelors respectively.
Chief Finance Officer

Daisy Achieng

Her astuteness to details and seeking for new knowledge within her area of operation has influenced the necessary financial discipline and culture in the organization, hence enhancing the desired financial sustainability. She has over 7 years’ experience in the organization and her strong finance and accounting skills has been instrumental to the financial controls and structures in place to support both internal and statutory financial requirements. She was promoted to the positon of Chief Finance Officer from July, 2020 and her knowledge of the function and exposure during her tenure in the past years earned her the growth to higher responsibility. The demonstrated skills are also supported by the professional qualifications in accounting being a certified Public Accountant (CPA-K) as well as Bachelors of Commerce with a bias in Finance.
Head of Credit Risk Management

Juma M. Dalluh

The officer has the longest years of service in the management team having risen up the rank and occupying various positions.

He has been instrumental to the customized diversified product portfolio in the organization and lately entrenched solid credit risk management instruments. As an officer of over 10 years of microfinance experience, he has attended various microfinance professional trainings and conferences which have played a big role in his competences in the industry.

Internal Auditor

Kirigha Nicanori

Mr. Nicanori Kirigha has extensive auditing experience both in cooperative movement and Microfinance spanning over 10 years.

He has been instrumental in putting in place the Internal Audit infrastructure that has led to effective organizational controls. The auditing skills of the officer are also supported by strong professional qualifications. He holds an MBA in Strategic Management and is a CPA (K).

Human Resource & Administration Officer

Joy W. Karanja

Joy brings on board over 10 years’ experience in Microfinance as well as professional competences in the critical human resource function.

She is attributed to establishing the Human Resource function in the organization and has sustained a motivational performance management model adapted from the Balance Score card (BSC), as key driver of the organizational human effort. As a professional member of the Institute of Human Resource Management, backed up with a Bachelors in Business administration and MBA- Strategic Management, she is up to the task of the murky dynamic Human resource management as the real enduring strategic driver of organizational sustainability. She is a member of the Institute of Human Resources Management.

Head of IT

Gertrude N. Waruingi

The officer’s 5 years’ experience in the industry has been instrumental in putting together the challenging and dynamic IT infrastructure to cope up with the Fintech business interphase, an emerging key driver in value delivery.

The strong IT foundation in place promises an almost 100% automation operational environment to meet the diversified stakeholders in the business ecosystem, in the organization. Her hands on orientation is backed up with relevant qualifications in Bachelors in information technology.