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Mission, Vision and Values

Yehu is guided by the principle of empowering the community.

YMSL Mission

Empowering rural communities through access to innovative, affordable and sustainable financial solutions in a socially responsible manner

Preferred MFI in Rural Kenya

Yehu’s Vision is to become the preferred MFI in rural Kenya with a strong social vision of empowering the socio-economically marginalized.

Yehu's Customer Promise

We at Yehu are dedicated to the service of our clients. In offering our service, we promise to deliver timely, be friendly and warm, sensitive to your circumstances, respectful and responsive to your needs. Your success is what inspires us to be at your service.

Yehu’s Ten Pledges of Commitment

1. Your loan request shall be in your account within 7 days
2. All your enquiries and complaints (if any) shall get response within 24 hours
3. All our esteemed clients and visitors are treated fairly and with respect. Each one of you is very special to us.
4. Your first time loan shall not take more than six weeks after you have registered with us.
5. Our esteemed clients shall be kept constantly informed in simple and understandable manner to experience the total value of our services in meeting your financial needs
6. You are a valued lasting friend and partner, we shall uphold you with dignity and honor.
7. Your prosperity is our vision and goal. We shall offer you financial literacy empowerment as a means of catalyzing your business growth for the fulfillment of your dreams.
8. Ours is a one stop shop of diversified financial solutions through products and services that meet your specific needs.
9. We shall listen and hear you; your feedback strengthens our resolve to serve you better.
10. We deliver on our promise.

Your success is our inspiration.

The YMSL Core Values


At YMSL, we shall be loyal and committed to the organization and its business; we shall be dedicated to our work by being faithful to commitments or obligations; Our devotion and constancy to YMSL shall be expressed through our actions and deeds

Our allegiance and fidelity to YMSL will ensure we have a commitment to work together with our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders for the success of YMSL.


At YMSL, we shall act fairly, ethically, and openly in all we do; show the courage to do and say the right thing; respect of each other and demand that others reciprocate the respect; build trustful working relationships with each other; be accountable for failure as well as success, and not allocate blame.

We shall be truthful and honest, act with poise, patient, determined and passionate in what we do and in our interactions with others. We shall consistently and uncompromising adhere to strong moral and ethical principles and values.


At YMSL we shall be committed to the founding philosophy of YMSL. We shall always have commitment to our work driven by the need to improve livelihoods of the communities we work with even in the face of adversity.

We pledge to commit to our customers through having a customer focus orientation. We shall also commit to collaborate with our stakeholders while working as a team. Our commitment to our customers will be achieved by working as professionals, continuously learning, and innovating new products.

Enough Talk, Let’s Uplift The Community Together